Sunday, June 2, 2013


Delta Waterfowl Duck Cam is Cool!

Live Mallard hen on her nest is on camera at the Delta Waterfowl Duck Cam. 

Eggs are to hatch approximately June 9, 2013.

Here is the link--

Monday, May 6, 2013

Great Deal on Leupold Binculars!

Monday, April 15, 2013


If you are looking for a great Lab here is your chance.

Mom and Dad are the real deal when it comes to hunting retrievers.

Great to hunt over.
Fantastic noses.
Terrific retrievers.
Quick studies.
Extremely good citizens in their day to day and family life.

Call Geno Adams at 515-450-7082

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pheasant Forever: A Call to Action


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Redfield Raider 550 Rangefinder Testimonial

Redfield Raider 550 Rangefinder Testimonial

Growing up in a shotgun only state for deer, the vast majority of my experiences with shooting involved scatterguns for upland birds and slugguns for deer.  Since picking up a high powered rifle a few years back due to my relocation to South Dakota, my confidence in distance shooting has been lacking. 

After a few years of passing up deer at longer distances, I finally broke down and got a Redfield Raider 550 rangefinder.  Coupled with some time at the shooting range, having the rangefinder gave me the confidence I needed to take a 220-yard shot across a large ravine at this nice mule deer buck.  It wasn’t the longest shot ever recorded, but this old shotgun slugger wouldn’t have even attempted the shot without the aid of the Redfield 550 rangefinder.  


I also had the opportunity to hunt cow elk in the Black Hills of South Dakota this October.  The terrain in the Hills can be big country compared to a prairie deer hunt.  With distance shooting the norm during most elk hunts, the Redfield 550 rangefinder was utilized early and often!  Large valleys that appeared to be too far across for a shot often ended up being 400-yards or less.  While I failed to get a shot a cow elk, it was the experience of a lifetime.  Thanks for providing me with the tool needed to build my confidence for both deer and elk hunting.  The rangefinder performed great and is well worth the money!

 Geno Adams-Pierre, SD

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bear “Rises from the Dead”

An Incomplete Kill Almost Gets a Hunter Killed after Bear “Rises from the Dead”

The black bear appeared dead, so 22-year-old Alex Machavo of Medford, Oregon approached it thinking it was. Machavo and his hunting buddy, Nathan Shinn, 24, of Phoenix were actually hunting deer Thursday afternoon near Elk Creek Road in Jackson County when the pair spotted the bear.
The men had bear hunting tags and so they fired at the bear, hitting it in the abdomen. Perhaps it was only shock that caused the bear to lie down in the meadow, but when Machavo and Shinn got close enough, they realized they surely did not finish the job.
The bear startled awake and grabbed at Machavo. A tussle ensued; the bear bit Machavo on the right side of his body injuring his arm and hand, then he pulled him into a bear hug. The two rolled down a 50-foot embankment with Shinn in hot pursuit. If it weren’t for Shinn, who finally killed the bear with a shot to the head, this story may have ended much differently for Machavo.
“To make sure something is dead, confirm it with the barrel,” Senior Trooper Jim Collom of the Oregon State Police Division of Fish and Wildlife told the local Newspaper.
Shinn and Machavo separated in an attempt to get cell phone reception to call for help. Within 10 minutes of placing the call, a sheriff’s lieutenant located Machavo, while Shinn was located an hour later. Machavo was transported over ground to the Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford and treated for his injuries.
The hunters’ next task will be to return to the site to locate the bear. Initially, they could not remember the bear’s location, but Collom said that by law, “they have to salvage everything and they have to check in the bear to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.”
Thanks to the Outdoor Hub/WCoyote Outdoors